Ron Paul Quits, Stephen Colbert Taps John Stewart For VP

As ridiculous as that headline sounds, it may as well be what the establishment media is reporting.

Ron Paul supporters won two of 14 national delegates at the Vermont Republican State Convention this weekend, along with an additional 10 of 14 alternates.

At the Rivers Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud, Paul organizers won a decisive 12 of 13 delegates to the RNC, effectively sweeping the state of Minnesota, winning 32 of the state’s 40 national delegates, after Paul supporters won 20 of 24 delegates at district conventions earlier this spring.

Mitt Romney had to grin and bear it, because despite a heavy Romney campaign presence promoting a win for the establishment pick and presumptive nominee, Detroit-born Romney was unable to pull off a clean sweep of his home state.  There, Paul organizers won RNC delegates in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th Districts, and Paul supporters are estimating that they have won eight voting slots plus one non-voting delegate and 11 alternates.

Some other news outlets would lead you to believe that Ron Paul sent a message to the GOP establishment last week that he’s not looking to cause mayhem at this summer’s Republican National Convention, but this is clearly not the case.   He and his supporters are on a well-defined mission to have a strong presence at the RNC in Tampa.

With the hot air that is being blown about by blatant liars, they are constantly blowing their cover, reducing any bit of credibility they thought they once had.  One highly moronic “journalist” tried pulling off the old “…now that the Republican nomination fight finally got reduced to a single candidate…” routine, keeping his article at the top of the search results for days when you “Yahoo!” “Ron Paul News” by headlining it with with a phrase virtually identical to one on the official Ron Paul Campaign site, explaining the “true endgame”.  The nine respondents to the article all clearly demonstrate a knowledge of being able to distinguish fact from fiction and quickly identify and expose fraud and those shilling for fraudsters.


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