Conservative, Libertarian, Republican?

Go to any on-line news outlet, and you’ll find lots of interesting threads and the directions they go are quite amusing to say the least. A recent article about Ron Paul’s campaign to receive the nomination to run as the Republican candidate, one “Chris” tries to distinguish conservative from libertarian from republican and fails miserably.

“…What do conservatives “conserve” but the contitution?  And who in congress has a higher constitutional vote record than Paul?

Romney is a CRONY capitlist.  While Bain did the dirty work of capitalism, it also took government assistence to get that work done. …”

When you think outside the box and really examine the facts, it is possible to believe in free market capitalism without pursuing anything considered as   crony-ism.  Also, as a result of the duality that is the 2-party system, our constitutional republic is operated by means of a democracy, thus enabling the good guys to keep a handle on things, as long as they are vigilant about keeping liberty alive.

So all in all, yes, it is possible to be a “conservative”, that is, believe in a conservative government, a “Republican”, or someone that believes in a strong national defense, and a “Libertarian” all at once.   A Libertarian being one that believes in keeping the *idea* of liberty alive.

So then we get folks that misconstrue or just aren’t aware or choose to stay or act misinformed on their own free will.  Those would generally be what are known as the “Democrats”.  The group of people that will mostly likely go along with and agree with whatever people that look like themselves will generally go along with.  This is where psychology plays a really big role in government, politics, and elections.  The people controlling things knows about this and take advantage of it at every angle that can be imagined.

Moving on, the democratic process by which we elect our officials doesn’t need to carry the negative connotation that goes along with being a “democrat”.   The democracy which we practice is a very useful tool for analyzing and correcting the amount of liberty we lose unknowingly or willingly sacrifice for the “good of the many”.


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