“…Mark Zuckerberg teaming up with NASDAQ and his planned insider trading of Facebook Stock calling it a ponzi scheme to rip off Millions from the stockholders. Calling Facebook this country’s smelly shoe. Pete tells us all why Facebook is the new evil and how it is in bed with the CIA and FBI, and calls on Mark Zuckerberg to give back the ill-gotten profits from the 30 Mil Shares he dumped at $38.  The Facebook stock now sells at $30.

He also delves into the coming New World Order and one-world-currency; tieing it neatly into the issue using the announcement of the lawsuit by The Geronimo Family against the Order of Skull and Bones that points a finger directly at Mitt Romney, George Bush and Barack Obama. He explains how The New World Order is really just The Old World Order Secret Society. Still wrapped up in satanism, enslavement, and the rite of passage for top key politicians and banksters.

Pete also explains why he calls the Obama Presidency the Five Trillion Dollar Lie and why Mitt Romney sucks The Big Blue REPUBLICAN…”

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