More Amusing Comments On A Recent Ron Paul Hit Piece

  • Scott Downer

    People need to be up on What Ron Paul is all About.Still so many people never even heard of The good Doctor.
    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Maybe they should read the racism that goes out with Ron Paul’s name on it. Since he is a professional man you would think he’d  review something with his name on it,just a thought
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    • Cheryl Peet · Top Commenter

      Jan Lund Sorry, didn’t mean to give you a thumbs up. But while I am on here you might want to know Ron Paul is not a racist
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    • Bob Davidson · United States Military Academy

      Jan Lund Glad you brought that up. Here’s a video that shows what Ron Paul really thinks of minorities:
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    • Maitiú Rozinka · Top Commenter · United States Army

      Jan Lund – another MSNBC koolaid drinker.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Did racist articles go out on Ron Pauls Newsletter? Is not Doctor Paul a profesional man? Would your own Doctor allow those types of articles printed with his or hers name on it? So tell me who should be drinking the kool-aid?
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    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      It is such a tired argument that Paul is a racist. He is continually elected by minorities in his district in Texas. What does that say? He also wants an end to the drug war that has costed this country billions and has served no useful purpose other than to put in prison thousands of minorities. If you can’t write from reason, don’t write at all, and quit perverting the the truth.
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    • Maitiú Rozinka · Top Commenter · United States Army

      The only thing you have to go on is some newsletter from decades past that he didn’t even write.  Since you seem to think everything is a racist, I’ll bet you’re a Dem. So then what about Obama? His close, personal friend the racist Rev. Wright. Or his own wife’s racist thesis, which just so happened to be not available until AFTER the election??  Yeah, your boy isn’t much better.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      All I have is the facts,you can say all you want it dosen’t take away from the facts.If your a spokesman for Doctor Paul your answer speaks like the articles in Doctor Pauls newsletter
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      John Robert Hartigan ,so in your world what are facts? The articles appeared in Doctor Pauls newsletter how is that perverting the truth?
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    • Dick Black · WRITER, PRODUCER, BASSIST. at GWO (Guerrilla World Order)

      I’m so sick of this strawman of racism that you desperate shills put up. This Ron Paul racist krapp would be the same thing as holding this site accountable if someone makes a racist comment right now. It’s bogus and played out. It’s just a tactic. We all know that the only time Ron Paul has voted for something that could not be found to be Constitutional was to make Martin Luther King day a national holiday.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      So articles printed in a newsletter with Doctor Pauls name on it is a strawman,the only desperation I can read is from Doctor Pauls supporters trying to defend racist articles printed in Doctor Pauls newsletter
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    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      Do you mean like facts of his district or the fact that you can’t even remotely prove that he had knowledge of the contents of the newsletters or that he wrote them? Instead of hating the man because of what you have been told, perhaps you should actually do some research as I have done. If you are a nurse, you know what work is, it shouldn’t hurt too much.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Maitiú Rozinka ,by the way simpleton point out where I called Doctor Paul a racist.
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    • Heather Kindrick · Top Commenter · Austin, Texas

      Here i’ll do your research for you! You can at lease watch a video right?
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    • David Ison · Top Commenter · Founder/Owner at Eyes On Video

      Jan Lund – No one is trying to defend the articles you mentioned. But you do need to keep them in perspective. Dr. Paul published a newsletter every month for over 20 yrs. That means there were at least 240 newsletters that went out under his name. Of these 240+ newsletters only 9 (3.75%) of them contain anything that could be construed as racist. Dr. Paul did not write these articles, he simply published them. The actual author of these newsletters was a man named James B. Powell. As soon as Dr. Paul did become aware of these 9 newsletters and their content, he came out publicly and denounced them. He did take responsibility for them and apologized. I’m not sure what else you would have the man do. You also fail to recognize all of the work Dr. Paul has done over the last 30+ yrs. He is the only candidate running for POTUS who…See More
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    • Made Upname · Denver, Colorado

      Heather Kindrick  Five bucks says she doesn’t watch it… You got Paypal?
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    • Dick Black · WRITER, PRODUCER, BASSIST. at GWO (Guerrilla World Order)

      Not his news letters. News letters in his name. Just as the Daily Paul is not his now and he doesn’t moderate it’s every comment. The man gave free medical care to minorities in the days when actual racism was prevalent and hospitals would refuse minorities. You know he’s not racist so don’t throw it around. Why would you do that? Who do you support? Someone that has no platform other than bring up this nonsense?
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Correct me if I’m wrong,but wasn’t it Doctor Pauls Newsletter? Since his name is the Newsletter who is responsible for it’s contents? Hate,strong word never used it just talking facts. Research this What was the name of the NEWSLETTER where the racist articles appeared,even a little mind like yours can handle thatl
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Heather Kindrick don’t need video ,I read the articles,you can read can’t you?
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    • Made Upname · Denver, Colorado

      Told you Jan wouldn’t watch it. Ignorance is Bliss i suppose.
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    • Dick Black · WRITER, PRODUCER, BASSIST. at GWO (Guerrilla World Order)

      Why are you wasting your time on this? He has addressed the issue repeatedly and disavowed it. The fact you want to keep going there is the strawman. You are trying to distract from actual issues like the mass murder of brown skinned people the world over that the current administration is involved in and the Romney administration will continue.
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    • William Lund · Rcc college

      Jan Lund needs to study a little more on people before speaking. I can’t believe someone with my last name would suggest something like that. People who claim someone is racist usually is a racist. Remember that before saying it next time.
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    • Dick Black · WRITER, PRODUCER, BASSIST. at GWO (Guerrilla World Order)

      People lets not even justify this garbage with any further responses. We have real issues to address and a country to reform and Constitution we need to return to. People like this shill only want to distract us from it.
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    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      Jan, that was very weak justification for a closed mind. Let me ask you this. Do you believe Romney is not a racist and an elitist? How about Obama? Taking money from African Americans for Obama is more racist that most funders. They, both are NOT common men, and hardly held a job that didn’t bleed off of others. At least Dr Paul has had a job that was moral. Or is it that he was an OBGYN for years, and you are in nursing, and nurses do all the work?
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      David Ison ,can’t argue with a thing you wrote,but for a Proffesional man to allow these types of articles to appear with his name associated with them and to claim he didn’t write them or had knowledge of them is a weak excuse
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Made Upname ,the only bliss you know is the emptiness of a hollow skull
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Dick Black ,so why don’t you just write whatever you want and apply Doctor Pauls name to it,I guess his name is free game. Not distracting from anything facts are facts
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Dick Black never called Doctor Paul a racist
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    • David Ison · Top Commenter · Founder/Owner at Eyes On Video

      Jan Lund – It’s not a “weak excuse”, it is actual facts. And even though you have implied Dr. Paul is a racist, numerous times now, you still keep on trying to defend that you haven’t explicitly written those words. Come on Jan, be serious. What would you have the man do now? He has apologized for their content and has taken responsibility for them being published. So what else should he do to get people such as yourself to get off his back about it?
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      William Lund ,point out anywhere in my replys where i called Doctor Paul a something before you post
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    • Made Upname · Denver, Colorado

      “Made Upname ,the only bliss you know is the emptiness of a hollow skull”  Yeah, I get that a lot from people who refuse to look at Facts.  Doesn’t bother me nor surprise me in the least. Several people have debunked you in this thread alone.
      You refuse to look at bold facts disproving your claims, then claim you have already “Read” the newsletter.  You portray one persons action as another persons responsibility.  I can see you are obviously not a person who can be spoken to with reason or logic. ig·no·rant/ˈignərənt/ Adjective: Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular:
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      John Robert Hartigan ,closed mind,who won’t accept the fact that racist articles went out on Doctor Pauls newsletter? You can’t stay on subject because you can’t handle facts it’s that simple
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Dick Black ,a schill,distract you from facts? Why would anyone talk facts with you when you can’t accept facts,newsletter,racist overtones those are facts,try them sometime schill  it won’t hurt
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    • Dick Black · WRITER, PRODUCER, BASSIST. at GWO (Guerrilla World Order)

      I never said you did. Why go there at all? You won’t respond to that either. Why go there? You’re that concerned with emphasizing that fact and keeping this going? Do you work for CNN or something? Enough. It’s been addressed and addressed. If you want to discuss a real issue, let me know. I will not entertain this garbage any further.
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    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      Jan. You won’t win this argument, no matter how you try to spin it. If this is the only reason you have against Dr Paul, you are way outmatched. And yes, closed minded. I will admit that all people are different. There are bad in every race. But the basic fact, and it is a fact by your comments, that you are calling him a racist and you have absolutely no proof to back up your claim. Perhaps, you should cut your losses and admit that this is the only ammunition you have against a man that has 15-50 good ideas about how to correct the direction this country is going in to your one non-provable argument.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      David Ison ,Hate to tell you I’m not on his back,you can imply all you want I do not think Doctor Paul is a RACIST. All I pointed out was the articles,with a just a thoght comment. All you Doctor Paul supporters read into that racism,but I was referring to the WISEDOM of allowing the articles to even be printed
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Made Upname tell me all about the debunking of articles printed in Doctor Pauls newsletter,Doctor Paul has apoligized for the printing. So learn how to walk before you run
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Dick Black look above and tell me you didn’t say I was  throwing Racism around.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Dick Black in fact I wish the good doctor luck at the convention,just hope the delegation loses Michele before they come home
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    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      Now, that I can get behind!
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    • Made Upname · Denver, Colorado

      “Maybe they should read the racism that goes out with Ron Paul’s name on it. Since he is a professional man you would think he’d review something with his name on it,just a thought.” Guilt by implication.
      Graham Hospital School of Nursing Hasn’t had a single person of any diverse ethnic background  on their staff since their inception, you being a professional woman, should review something you attach your name to.  My point is, Just because someone works somewhere, or prints a newsletter doesn’t imply that they share the views of others who are involved.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      I enjoyed our exchange this evening,and for the RECORD I DO NOT THINK DOCTOR PAUL is a RACIST,enjoy the rest of the evening
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    • Richard Voluntaryist Kendall

      Jan Lund The worst you can say about the man is an allusion to newsletters from twenty years ago that everyone acknowledges he did not write? While TODAY, out of bigotry, the MN GOP is pushing an amendment to the state constitution that prevents two consenting adults from voluntarily entering into a contract. Smaller government?
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    • Steven Appelget

      Winning “this argument” is pretty irrelevant.  Dr. Paul had to swim the the crazy sea of the southern GOP for too many years.  Whether or not he personally is a bigot doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is that he was willing to at least appeal to the bigotry of some of his constituents in order make a political career.  And that willingness led to some rather unseemly things like his newsletter.  Dr. Paul’s supporters can flood comment threads and dominate dysfunctional organizations like the MN GOP, but I don’t see how that is enough to get him elected President of the United States.  For all his interesting (although in my opinion mostly wrong) ideas that could generate a worthwhile debate on the nature and proper role of the federal government, Dr. Paul the person with a history is not going to be the President of the United States or even the candidate of the Republican Party.
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    • David Ison · Top Commenter · Founder/Owner at Eyes On Video

      Jan Lund – Do you understand the difference between a publisher and an editor? In case you don’t, a publisher is a person or company that prepares and issues books, journals, music, or other works for sale; whereas an editor is a person who works for a publisher, commissioning or preparing material for publication who is in charge of and determines the final content of a text, particularly a newspaper or magazine. Again, there were over 240+ newsletters that went out over a span of 20+ years. During this time less than 3.75% of that content had anything that could even remotely be deemed as racist. Also, I didn’t imply you were calling Dr. Paul a racist, I came right out and stated you were implying he was/is a racist. HUGE difference in the two. You have been on the exact same topic for over 3 hours now with numerous people trying to point out that your thinking is incorrect, yet you are exactly in the same place as you were when you began this ordeal. Do you honestly believe all of these people are flat out wrong and you are the lone voice of wisdom? I can assure you, these Ron Paul supporters have more than done their homework on these topics. This is not just an election for most of us, we have all recognized how badly out of whack our government has been been and we are focused not only on this particular election, but the direction our country will head in the future. As nicely as I can put this, you are simply out-gunned here.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      David Ison ,Ron Paul
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Richard Voluntaryist Kendall ,Never said that the Doctor wrote the articles,as far as the admendment the GOP is pushing I agree with you and Doctor Paul,and I hope it goes down in flames
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Made Upname Doctor Pauls Newsletter,who should be responsible for contents. All I know if a book or newspaper or newsletter went out to the public with my name on it I would review every issue
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    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      Hey Jan, It was a normal exchange, especially against an Obama supporter. And I have to tell you, you did him a disservice. He wouldn’t stand a chance in a debate against Paul, especially with his track record in violating the Constitution. Sometimes, I think the only reason Obama studied Constitutional law was to know how to circumvent it. And Romney, funny, referred a Constitutional question during a debate to Paul. That was hilarious, especially when the oath of office is to uphold the Constitution. How can you do it if you don’t know it? Good night
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    • Made Upname · Denver, Colorado

      Jan, I would be FAR more concerned about what Obama and Romney KNOWINGLY put their names on than a newsletter that was sent out 40 years ago and disavowed.
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    • David Ison · Top Commenter · Founder/Owner at Eyes On Video

      Jan Lund – You are just too simple for this discussion, Jan. Obviously nothing will satisfy people such as yourself. I’ve supplied definitions to you and explained in full detail how these things actually happened, yet you still are exactly where you were over 3 hours ago. It’s like I am beating my head against a wall here. So have at it.
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    • Devin L. Partyka · Subscribe · Top Commenter

      Made Upname  I was thinking the same thing!
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    • Douglas Most · Pasco–Hernando Community College

      Jan Lund.  Did you hear.  Obama has trooops ready to wage war against Yemen. He stated it an emergency order arrest anyone aiding Yemen.  I guess he is racist against Yemen People.  Aint Ron Paul delivered 4000 babies, how many have you?
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      John Robert Hartigan So you like making assumptions but you can’t deal with facts,no wonder they gave the last slot to the LOON BACHMAN she has trouble with facts also.Yea Ron Paul super debater,especially love that monotone voice of his blathering  jiberish trying to return the U.S to the 1800.s. So good luck at the GOP convention I’m sure they will show you the respect you deserve
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      David Ison Okay super thinker for 3 hours you MORANS kept saying I said that Dr Paul was a racist,All I stated it was stupid to print the articles,but EINSTEIN that went right over your simple little Ron Paul mind,so go back and discuss cutting goivt spending with the queen of govt spending MICHELE.
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Made Upname Well I guess I will go out and write about anything and put Doctor Pauls name on it and you people will support it like the good little sheep you arei
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Douglas Most you paul guys must have a small comprehension level,words and facts can’t get through that PAUL WALL,no babies delivered,how about you?
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    • Jill Winters · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Americare School of Nursing Alumni

      Jan Lund So you think he was supposed to read EVERYTHING with his name on it? I am a nurse and I know that the Dr.’s have so much crap written under their name it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him to read everything. I also know coming from the south that he risked his life delivering black babies pro-bono. Hardly a racist!!!!!!!1
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    • Douglas Most · Pasco–Hernando Community College

      Maybe we out to be more accepting of our gay president. I mean who needs Christian morals anymore.  And so what if he murdered his three ex-boyfriends all execution style.  I am sure there moms didn’t mind.
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    • Maine Halyard · Top Commenter · University of South Florida

      Steven Appelget …And Obama was willing to lie to the American people in order to get elected, while secretly bankrolling the banksters (then, not so secretly.) Of the two, I think Obama has committed worse crimes against America. Period.
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    • David Ison · Top Commenter · Founder/Owner at Eyes On Video

      Jan Lund – Did you mean, “moron”? lol I always find it amusing when people try to use a term that is supposed to be used to make the other seem intellectually inferior but can’t even spell said word. You most certainly have inferred Dr Paul is/was a racist by your numerous attempts to point to the 3.75% of his newsletters that had racial overtones in them. The truth of the matter is all 3 current candidates can be called a racist by those standards. Romney started his campaign by using the KKK slogan of the early 1900’s, that being “Keep America American”. Obama attended a church for over 20 years that regularly referred to white people as evil people and his minister on numerous occasions gave sermons demonizing white people. Yet for some strange reason Obama would have us all believe in 20 years he never heard anything like this. Is your outrage just as strong towards those two men, or does Ron Paul get to be alone in your wrath?
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      Jill Winters if its a newsletter going out to the PUBLIC yea I think he should review it.Never called him a racist,but quite appently you Ron Paul supporters have it on your minds all the time
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    • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

      David Ison you can infer all you want,Ron Paul Newsletter,so if you want to keep bringing up the same thing but just with a dab of difference go for it. As far as mispelling one word sorry if your limited little mind was offended.You can’t stay on subject,you assume so I will assume your little mind can’t stay focased very long so give it rest before you strain the little muscle between your ears.
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    • Todd Washburn · Owner at Knox County Computers

      Jan Lund : Maybe Romney supporters should read what Mitt was taught in Sunday School about the entire black race. Until the late 70’s he was taught that black people are cursed and anyone that mixes with them would go to hell. These teachings come straight from the founder of the Mormon church.
      Reply · Like · May 20 at 8:52pm
    • Adam Knoll· Andover Senior High

      Giving Jan a platform is the wrong thing to do, We’ve seen Ben Swann’s report and done our own research and I would say that the majority put more weight on the actions of Dr Paul than the fraction of “his” words that appeared in the newsletter. This frustrated woman has shown that she will spend time responding with ignorance, though I cannot speak to the intelligence of all the people trying to debate her, please do the right thing and focus your energy on converting people who haven’t already come to baseless conclusions
      Reply · Like · Tuesday at 8:22am
    • Douglas Most · Pasco–Hernando Community College

      You must listen to the Zionist run media.  They spin it all in favor of their masters.  We live in a Zionist Occupied Goverment.    Obama is jewish, biden said he was a zionist on t.v.
      Reply · Like · 16 hours ago
  • Geoffrey Prentiss · Top Commenter · Rockville High School

    Pay attention Republican Party and Voters. I am a Ron Paul supporter. This election season, no candidate will. get my vote for the Office of President of the United States of America. except for Ron Paul.There will be no exceptions. If he does not win the. nomination, I will write his name on the ballot. No amount of slick talking, flip-flopping, wooing, cajoling, threatening, or condescending will persuade me to vote for any other. contender for that office. You don’t want to admit it, but you know that the Republican Party. cannot beat Obama without me, a Ron Paul supporter. It’s long past time. you admit it. …See More
    • Eamon Anderson · Top Commenter

      Goodbye then.  Ron Paul will not be one of the two candidates this year.  Barrack Obama will be one.  Vote or do not vote if you wish.
      Reply · 4 · Like · May 19 at 9:57pm
    • Wayzata Guy · Top Commenter · Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Istead of just wasting your vote, perhaps you could sell it.
      Reply · 4 · Like · May 19 at 10:22pm
    • John Robert Hartigan · Top Commenter

      Eamon, Have you considered that the status quo is wrong? Be careful of the sides you choose. This country has had a revolution once before. And so far, this has been a pleasant one. Neither party works for the best interest of the citizens if you haven’t noticed, unless you are either rich, or on welfare. Diminishing our rights as they go along. I am 48 and have a lot of years left to fight the fight.
      Reply · 51 · Like · May 19 at 10:32pm
  • Phylon Pugh · Top Commenter

    Never been more proud to be a Minnesotan….  seriously!
    • Paul Braun · Top Commenter · University of Mary

      Right.  Keep dreaming.
      Reply · 3 · Like · May 19 at 7:22pm
    • Chris Edwards · Top Commenter · California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

      Romney was in trouble when Ron Paul won CPAC and was winning Iowa. Romney was in even more trouble when Ron Paul was getting 10,000 people at UCLA and Romney 200 people. But, since Romney is now a Felon for giving away sandwhiches to voters in Wisconsin on voting day, he will be inelegible… Same for Obama, since Arizona, Utah, Virginia and others will require him to prove that his fake birth certificate is real, then he will be inelegible also… Ron Paul is the only Non-Felon in the group…
      Reply · 40 · Like · May 19 at 8:27pm
    • Johnny Semicolon

      Mitt Romney is not a real person but Obama doing in “white face”
      Reply · 12 · Like · May 19 at 9:05pm
  • Trucker Rob

    And the R3volution’s Freedom Train rolls on! whoo-whoo! Get your ticket now! 😉
  • Charlie Hunstiger · Top Commenter

    If you support Obama or Romney then you must LOVE having your money stolen from you. There is rampant fraud going on right now and neither of these idiots will stop it. They are both owned by banks. Checkout their donor lists. The US Government has been hijacked by the federal reserve banking cartel. The only way they can keep this scam going is to keep increasing the money supply since it’s debt based and borrowed into existence at interest. You love being a perpetual debt slave to bankers. This is going to end badly and it could happen at any moment. QE3 (printing money) should be announced June/July. Watch Gold.
    • Cheryl Peet · Top Commenter

      Yes, I just read that. You are right
      Reply · 1 · Like · May 20 at 4:44pm
  • Mark Petty · William Howard Taft High School

    I’m so thankfull that it now looks like Ron Paul will be sweeping almost all the deligates and be our next president.
    • Cheryl Peet · Top Commenter

      Yes, I am 100% behind Ron Paul but fear for his safety if they think he is getting to close to winning. To many people have died when they threaten Obama. Pray he is protected
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    • Nathan Downing · Sr. Systems Administrator at Medtronic

      Who died as a result of threatening Obama?  Have any names?  LOL, your funny!
      Reply · 5 · Like · May 20 at 10:33am
    • Cheryl Peet · Top Commenter

      Sorry hit the wrong thumbs again. How about starting with the 3 gay guys, don’t recall their names right before he started his run for Pres.. Also heard his grandmother did right before she was to give a statement about him not being born here, and was it our Navy Seals that were killed?
      Reply · Like · May 20 at 11:40am
  • Dick Black · WRITER, PRODUCER, BASSIST. at GWO (Guerrilla World Order)

    Good luck and congrats RP supporters of Minnesota, from a RP supporter from Atlanta, GA. Keep up the fight.
  • Damian Ibarra · Top Commenter

    Never vote phsycopath/aka neo con/left wing/ only liberty Romney can try to lie to get the Ron Paul votes he or obama will never because we know he can never be trusted as president, their record alone is enough reason to label them phycotic maniac war profiteer who will use future false flags to openly defy all articles of the constitution and declare more continuous never ending wars.We will never vote anyone but the right liberty candidate, if you dont fall into that with a verifiable track record of standing up for liberty then you will NEVER get the Ron Paul vote.
  • Jaed Deaj · Subscribe · Top Commenter

    And the R3volution’s Freedom Train rolls on! whoo-whoo! Get your ticket now! 😉 Donate to the “Rise for Liberty” moneybomb! Reply · Like. · Unfollow Post · 2 seconds.
  • Zeb Kandros · Subscribe · Monroe, New York

    Ron Paul has my vote this year.  I will not vote for the “lesser of two evils” just to get my party elected.  Unfortunately the establishment GOP puppet masters are looking to get Obama reelected by pushing Romney as the supposed nominee. Romney will never beat Obama, because Paul supporters will just not vote for him and he will not take votes away from Obama from Democrats like Paul would.  Once the establishment GOP realizes that us numerous Paul supporters vote on principal and policies rather than party lines, maybe they’ll stop trying to derail Paul’s campaign. RON PAUL 2012!
    • Raulito Bello · What don’t I do? at It’s Nunya

      Never in my life Have i experienced such a blatant ignoring of the truth before . it’s right in front of these peoples faces . The problem i have with not picking the lesser of two evils is if you have the choice between cancer and a heart attack wich one would you choose if you have to choose one? If it comes down to the wire and we don’t choose the lesser we probably will get stuck with this dishonorable thieving son of a Bitch again .  I’m so unsure about Romney the only way he could secure my vote is by takingon Chris Christie, Donald Trump , or my favorite Ron Paul wich i don’t really see happening everyone is leaning to Rubio , but who knows what’s going through mittens mind.
      Reply · Like · May 20 at 7:57am
    • Paul Braun · Top Commenter · University of Mary

      You “Paul-istas” remind me of the “McCarthy-ites” of 1968…all full of themselves and their candidate.  Where are they now?  What did they do except bring about the election of Richard Nixon?  I tell you what…since Paul doesn’t stand a chance of winning the nomination, why don’t you all pout and stay home on November 6.  We have enough conservatives and republicans ready to take your place at the polls to oust Obama.  You are going to see a conservative turnout like you’ve never imagined.  We don’t need you!
      Reply · 3 · Like · May 20 at 8:15am
    • Zeb Kandros · Subscribe · Monroe, New York

      Real conservatives will vote for the only true conservative running, Ron Paul.  You can vote for what ever large government fascist you wish for, be it Romney or Obama.
      Reply · 9 · Like · May 20 at 8:26am
  • Steven Appelget

    I’m looking forward to 2016.  By then, the current Ron Paul supporters will no longer be “newcomers” to the party and be so easily dismissed.  If they hold true to their principles, I think we can look forward to a spirited and somewhat honest national debate on what to do with the federal government.  I’ll probably be on the other side of that debate, but I’d rather have that debate against honest and committed people than against the craziness of the current GOP.
    • Marco Feola · Top Commenter

      Reply · 14 · Like · May 19 at 11:56pm
    • Steven Appelget

      No.  Just no.
      Reply · Like · May 19 at 11:58pm
    • Devin L. Partyka · Subscribe · Top Commenter

      Sorry Steven but Marco is right Unless Ron Paul wins, we Lose.
      Reply · 8 · Like · May 20 at 12:09am
  • Syn Holliday · Top Commenter · Alta Loma, California

    All I ask is that Democrats still be outraged by the very same things they were outraged over before the 2008 election.  For whatever reason, they’ve fell silent over the same things that are still going.
    • Ron Cecchini · Milton, Massachusetts

      YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!   This drives me NUTS!  So many of my so-called liberal/progressive/Democrat friends are still out there drinking the Kool-Aid and thinking their guy is somehow different than Bush.  WTF???
      If *I* changed – from being a defacto neocon and Bush apologist – and woke up to the reality that there is no “left” and “right” and that both parties are the same, why the heck can’t those still on the “other side”? That’s gotta be some strong Kool-Aid…
      Reply · Like · Tuesday at 1:54pm
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    People have heard of Paul and he is the same NUTJOB I  saw almost 30 years ago.
    • Nathan Erzal

      get real dude…romney and obama are both pro bail out and approve the ndaa bill… and you have the nerve to call Paul a nut job…wake up…Obama and Romney are SOOO Fake! do you actually buy all this media hype..a vote for anyone else but Paul is a complete waste of time
      Reply · 27 · Like · May 19 at 9:58pm
    • Maitiú Rozinka · Top Commenter · United States Army

      Really? People who think that Obama or Romney care about anyone else then their elitist friends are the NUTJOBS.
      Reply · 22 · Like · May 19 at 10:05pm
    • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

      I am awake , And when you talk about the elitist you are taking about voters. Voters who do not want RP .
      Reply · 2 · Like · May 19 at 10:39pm
  • Cheryl Peet · Top Commenter

    People, make a list of these 3 men. Ron Paul, Romney, Obama. Ask questions of what most concerns you and where these 3 men stand on these issues. If you have asked the right questions and do not end up with Ron Paul winning hands down than you might think about moving to a communist country.
  • Flo Hoffman · Subscribe · Top Commenter · 1,038 subscribers

    We have 2 parties that no longer represent the people.  Ron Paul is one of US.  He works for the people.
  • Buffalo-Bison Man Stan Lumley · Top Commenter · St. Cloud State University

    Ron Paul Delivered a fiery speeech what did he have to say?  Why was there not  at least one notable quote?  Is this poor journalism or is this the press trying to pick the candidates for?  When I take the time to read an article I would like to know what the candidate had to say.  I am a dangerous voter to the status quo political system as I am an independent minded voter not a party voter.  I hope there is millions of independent minded voters out there that will vote to change our government for the better.
    • VanessaPercey Lumley

      Reply · Like · May 20 at 3:37pm
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    Does anybody realize we are commenting on a candidate that will never be. Even RP  himself said he has no chance of winning the nomination. And you don’t believe me look it up. All he is looking for is to implement a platform in the republican party. Another reason for him not to officially drop out is he needs money to pay for handlers, IT people, room, travel.And all the other expenses that most politicians stiff at the end.
    • Johnny Semicolon

      Apparently you do not know what principles are. We don’t compromise on our principles and why should we? For Mitt Romney. He was the most Obama like person running. If there are any 2 politicians most alike policy wise its mitt romney and obama. A choice between the two is just a preference of skin color.
      Reply · 7 · Like · May 20 at 2:41am
    • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

      Try thinking outside the bubble and there are 10 of millions who have principles not just RP. there are million s who put there needs of the country before themselves. That is his fault he is not thinking about getting obama out he is retiring…
      Reply · 2 · Like · May 20 at 2:47am
    • Johnny Semicolon

      Tens of millions of americans have principles? The nation where most marriages end in divorce, most people over severely overweight, the most indebted nation in history because people constantly by things they can’t afford, and millions of people who depend of government? What country do you live in because last time I checked there wasn’t tens of millions of principled people walking around. There are some people who put their country first, they are called Troops and Ron Paul gets more support from them than Mitt Romney and Obama combined by far. Its not just about Obama, things won’t get better if/when Obama goes. The Republican Establishment is responsible for AT LEAST half the mess we are end.Albert Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Electing more Republican Establishment types won’t fix the problems that electing Republican Establishment types created.
      Reply · 6 · Like · May 20 at 2:59am
  • Jeff Halldorson

    I am proud to be from Minnesota.  Mitt is a rich boy but he can’t buy a Minnesotan. Ron Paul for President 2012.
  • Cindy Westrup · Top Commenter

    Megan, you forgot to mention 2 important points:  When one of the real Republicans running for National Delegate stated we, as a country, must stand with Israel, the Ron Paul Delegates at the convention boo’ed him loudly.  That is a scary fact about Ron Paul and his supporters.  They do not support Israel.  Second, the loudest cheers of the weekend went to Ron Paul when, during his speech, he said (as close to direct quote as I can) “…if we elect more liberty-minded candidates, we may be able to make ropes out of hemp and maybe even smoke a little once in a while.”  The RP supporters went absolutely crazy – don’t they know hemp doesn’t work as a drug?
    • Karen Markowitz · Stillwater, Minnesota

      I was so ticked off *actually I did swear*…  when they boo’ed the mention of supporting Isreal.  That was shameful.  They also boo’ed someone who said they supported Romney.  I’ll be forceful about that – I know they were disrespected 4 years ago, but two wrongs do not make a right.      But the hemp – I don’t think he said they wanted to smoke it – they got a big hand because it’s a *shock* line — but really the overall theme of the breakfast speech was fiscal policy.
      Reply · Like · Monday at 10:06pm
    • Barb Chervestad · Oklee, Minnesota

      I support Israel and thought it shameful the RPers booed the delegate.  However, RP’s speech went more like, “If we elect more liberty-minded candidates, we may be able to make ropes out of hemp and drink raw milk.”   Anybody have a link to a recording?
      Reply · Like · Tuesday at 9:39am
  • Amie Roberts

    This is predicted to be the end of the world…I think people misinterpret that.  I think that this year is the end of the world as we know it.  I believe that Ron Paul will be the change to this world that we are in desperate need of.  I agree with Geoffrey Prentiss below..  I will write Ron Paul’s name in before I vote for either Obama or Romney.  Romney is a crook…if you cannot see this, and you elect him…you deserve being screwed…Obama is not a president, he is a dictator..again, if you elect him…you deserve what you get.  Obama & Romney are 2 peas in a pod…the only difference is that one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican..  It is very sad when the Republican party can’t stand Romney…but there are still some American citizens willing to vote for him?  Obama kills American citizens without due process, and strips away Americans rights TO due process guaranteed to them by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Wake up People…..the USA being f’d up is no one’s fault but our own!  We have allowed these money grubbing, war mongers to do this to us and our country.  Stand up and put our big boy and girl panties on, and take back our country!
  • John Mcintyre

    I’m voting for ron paul for the simple reason these other idiots have not made anyting work for the people that voted them into office as far back as I can remember,& we need alot smaller government. I say give him a chance to balance the books.
  • All Temperture Heating · Chicago, Illinois

    Ron Paul is the last chance for a peacfull transformation for America I will hate to see what will happon if Ron Paul is not at the head of America.
  • Jan Lund · Top Commenter · Graham Hospital School of Nursing

    Michele Bachman, I though Ron Paul was for getting rid of wasteful Govt spending, watch out Michele your gravey train to Govt money might disappear.
  • Christopher Bailey

    People need to Look up what a conservative is. After reading what it is, see if your candidate fits the definition.
  • Wayzata Guy · Top Commenter · Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Minnesota also voted for Walter Mondale.  I tell everyone that I’m from another state.  This protest crap is a waste of time.
  • Josh Rayborn

    Brokered convention!
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    TO THE WEAK MINDED, MIND CONTROLLED, FACTT–LESS WORSHIPPERS OF DOCTOR PAUL SOME OBSERVATIONS (1) Jesus Christs is the savior of the world, not Ron Paul (2) Paul did not turn water into wine, Jesus did. (3) Paul was not at Valley Forge with Washington. (4) He did not sign the Constitution (gasp! it’s true!) (5) Paul did not march into Atlanta with Sherman (6) He did not write the Gettyburg Address. Lincoln did (7) Paul was not the first to discove gold in California 8) Paul did not personally end the war to end all wars (9) He did not argue Roe V Wade (10) He was not the first on the moon (11) He did not develop robotic surgery for total hips (12) He did not discover the internet In other words, he is a man. He is not a god. That will come as a shock but reality sucks. You people ignore some of his hideous votes because then you might have to actually think for yourself but as long as Dr Paul is breathing then I guess you have hope. I thoght the inmates were weak minded but you people make them look like Einsteinn’s. They can think for themselves. You? Doctor Paul…what do I do now? Tell me! I’m helpless! Tell me what to think!
  • Lo Dav · Top Commenter · Temple University

    I think the Republican Party, including and especially Ron Paul disciples, miss the larger issue about the United States of America, which is the country is changing and we all need to start working together to change with it. There is a cold, silent, deadly assault on every American’s wages and benefits. The Party has to start listening to the needs of the minority community, and embracing some of them, because this country is soon to be more than 50% minority in a short quick time. There is an education system in place that consistently fails to educate that growing minority population as well, and that’s a real problem. A lot of this other stuff people complain about is just not that important in the grand scheme of things. Where will this country be when most jobs are overseas, and every one, and I do mean every one, has no other option but to work a low wage job, and are unable to pay the high cost of education, health care, and home ownership?  The labels of other people need to come off, and these illogical and unfactual trips back to colonial days needs to end so that we can address today today.
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    While Paul has not won any primaries, he picked up delegates in Michigan, Minnesota, Vermont and Virginia, where they were selected at party gatherings. “Ron Paul supporters possess the adaptability, organizational muscle, and unmatched enthusiasm required to continue winning delegates in upcoming contests,” campaign manager John Tate said in a statement. Paul is the last remaining Republican challenger to Mitt Romney, and his chief strategist, Jesse Benton, has conceded that the former Massachusetts governor “very likely has an insurmountable lead” in delegates for the nomination. An Associated Press tally gives Romney 991 of the 1,144 delegates he needs to win the nomination. Paul has 107.
    • Douglas Most · Pasco–Hernando Community College

      The New World Order is already here buddy.  Time to wake up and smell the coffee.  Bush and Obama declaring war and everyone in the Middle East who isn’t Jewish. Are troops are getting ready to invade Yemen.   Alqeada means foreign toilet in Arabic, its a front for Mossad/CIA.
      Reply · 2 · Like · May 20 at 1:46pm
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    Ron Paul’s supporters claim that a majority of the military supports Ron Paul. But the fact is that, when you examine the detail, only 113 lower ranking personnel out of the more than two million military personnel have donated to his campaign. Given his proposal to bring all Over-seas military personnel home I am surprised that only 113 have bought into Ron Paul’s idea to bring all troops home. The truth is the over-whelming majority including leadership do not agree with his ideas. This is substantiated by the exit polls that clearly show that the military and vets do not vote for Ron Paul.
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    Ron Paul is running to the Left of Obama” on Foreign Policy. He is running to the Left of Obama” on Drugs. He is running to the Left of Obama” on Gay Marriage.
  • Bill Vinson · Works at United States Navy Retired

    Should Ron Paul ( An arch Jew and State of Israel Hater)  win the Republican nomination for POTUS this election cycle, I can assure anyone who gives a damn, that I and my Family consisting of 15 regestered Condervative Voters will stay home. Paul is an Isolationist Jew Hating, Muslim Loving, disgrace to the Congress of the United States of America.
    • Devin L. Partyka · Subscribe · Top Commenter

      Please Stay Home your an uninformed voter and dangerous to the United States.
      Reply · Like · Monday at 1:27am
    • Bill Vinson · Works at United States Navy Retired

      @Devin L.P…I fought and bled for my Country in a Far Eastern Country called Vietnam, You may have heard of it. I have lived under 13 Presidents, both Lame-O-Crat and Republican. I have voted for the Conservative in every Presidental election since the very evil (my opinion) Lyndon Bains Johnson lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. For you to say I am an uninformed Voter Sir is an insult and a completely predictable Paulbot reaction to anyone who disagrees with you and your Narcissistic Hero. It is more than obvious to me you are a Paulbot Kool-Aid Drinker that throws insults at anyone who would dare challenge Ron Paul’s mental capacity. Now that’s too bad for you, but as for me and Mine, and unlike the Isolationest Doctor Paul, I/we love America, support Israel with all our hearts, and reject the dangers thrust on the world by Radical Islim.
      Reply · Like · Monday at 3:46pm
    • Ed Helmstetter · Top Commenter · Cranford Senior High School

      bill you are misinformed
      Reply · Like · Monday at 4:51pm
    • Bill Vinson · Works at United States Navy Retired

      @Ed H…NO SIR, You are the one who is obviously misinformed. Nevil Chamberlain, excuse me, Ron Paul, fails to realize that there is evil in the world we live in and from time to time it has to be confronted Militarly. Now as to our sinking Economy, Paul has some great ideas, But that my Friend is where his Conservativism ends, his way-out and simply nutty notions about American foreign Policy screams out the fact that he is a total Flake. I don’t even know why I am debating Ron Paul with you people, he has as much chance at ever becoming President as my Cat does.
      Reply · Like · Monday at 9:13pm
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      no, bill, actually, you are misinformed and slightly brainwashed as well… ron paul epitomizes the complete opposite of isolationism for one, secondly, a bum on the street is more narcissistic than dr paul… i bet he doesn’t even own a mirror in fact, talking mirrors have to ask ron paul “who is the fairest of them all?” 😛
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      arch jew? really? i bet he’s also arch black, arch woman, arch australian, arch alien because he isn’t those things
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
  • Joel Gates · Top Commenter

    Paulbots: Repeat after me Ron Paul has never won a single primary, It’s not sane to think he can win the GOP nomination. Deal with it.
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      keep drinking the fluoride joel
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
  • Thomas Graham · Subscribe · California State University, Long Beach

    Shameful that so many can support the anti-American appeaser RP.
  • Marc Murphy · Sea School

    I will  vote for the libertarian, gary johnson be for I vote for mitt are obama.
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      uhhh whaaaat?? what about the libertarian ron paul?
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
  • Terry J Krueger · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Realtor at Real Estate Agent

    I am a proud member of Minnesota’s tea party and no supporter of Ron Paul.
    • Ed Helmstetter · Top Commenter · Cranford Senior High School

      you do know that ron paul supporters started the tea part right?
      Reply · 6 · Like · May 20 at 11:59am
    • Terry J Krueger · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Realtor at Real Estate Agent

      Not just Ron Paul supporters my friend
      Reply · Like · May 20 at 1:56pm
    • Steve Johnson · Top Commenter

      Any group that accepts idiots like Sarah Palin and Rick Perry as the face of their movement are to stupid to vote anyway.  RONPAUL2012!
      Reply · 3 · Like · May 20 at 2:00pm
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      ron paul’s supporters are where the tea party came from, moron…the real tea party has been co-opted and infiltrated by posers like bachman, palin, and perry where are they now? while you have the “tea party express” rolling around the country while amy kremer gets flown around in a private jet paid for by george soros, you can’t dissect it and come up with any other conclusion… if you are part of a tea party group and yall aren’t supporting the man that invented the tea party, your mind has been hi-jacked
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
    • David Ison · Top Commenter · Founder/Owner at Eyes On Video

      Terry J Krueger – Too bad for you that your state GOP just elected the vast majority of delegates from your state to support Ron Paul. I’m good with 32 of 40 delegates from MN backing Paul while the rest back the others. Get used to being the underdog. Paul supporters are taking the GOP over state by state. Like it or not, these are the facts.
      Reply · 2 · Unlike · May 20 at 2:13pm
    • Cheryl Peet · Top Commenter

      YES!!!! The country is awake!!!! We could still become America again!!! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel !!!! We will be one nation under God again!! We will have gov downsized!! We will have control of gov. again!!! We can bring our troops home!!! We can stay out of other country’s affairs!!!! We can get our budget balanced again!!! We will honor the Constitution again!!!! Yes Ron Paul, we are behind you, we need you to lead us back to our former glory!!Ron Paul 2012
      Reply · Like · May 20 at 4:58pm
    • Terry J Krueger · Subscribe · Top Commenter · Realtor at Real Estate Agent

      Okay David lol
      Reply · Like · May 20 at 5:17pm
    • Kody Zalewski · Research Support at VA Medical Center, Brain Sciences Center

      Wow dude, you’re one clueless fellow. You give everyone this straight talk on the Constitution yet you only support the chunks of the Constitution that YOU agree with. Wake up buddy, you don’t get to pick and choose the law. The Tea Party only supports chunks of the Constitution they agree with.
      Reply · Like · Monday at 12:43am
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      Kody Zalewski not true kody, the real tea party is principled… if you go to a real tea party rallly you will see this… not one of these fake tea party groups towing the neocon republican party line libertarian tea party groups are al- in on the constitution
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago
    • Lyf Raks· 17 years old

      Terry J Krueger yes, the tea party has foundational roots that stem from ron paul’s 2008 presidential bid…
      Reply · Like · 2 seconds ago

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