Ron Paul supporters set sights lower on the ballot? Not Quite!

Comments from a recent Ron Paul article:
  • Tom Alciere · Top Commenter

    The real fun is if Romney still wins the nomination, then wins all 50 & DC in November and Ron Paul STILL gets the Oval Office, because Ron Paul supporters will be the ones marking the ballots in the Electoral College and will vote for Ron Paul.
  • Ron Dearborn

    Ron Paul’s campaign for president, this time and in 2008, has shown all of us who are paying attention, that the mainstream media is a rotting heap of useless BS who’s end is very near. You can fool some of the people some of the time…..but you can’t fool the growing mass of truth seekers who know what a group of fabricators the establishment media has become. Shameful really, how obvious it all is and also shameful how many are still led by the disinformation and propaganda. The led are dwindling in numbers and the truth seekers are each more effective than 1000 sheep.
  • Ed Helmstetter · Top Commenter · Cranford Senior High School

    “With their favorite having lost the nomination for president….”sorry, incorrect.
  • Chris Graviss · Stanford University

    Good article, but it is still to early to make a statement that RP has “lost” the nomination.  His chances are slim, but greater than zero.
  • Allen Gibson · Surfside Beach, South Carolina

    Judging by what the delegates are saying in different states, it looks like those supposedly bound will be sitting out and not voting, They received in the mail, letters basically trying to figure out who are the TRUE Romney delegates, Romney will be put to shame either way, if I had his money I would definately not deal with what he will have to endure in this political scam, his kids getting booed,, He will lose either way. If Romney had it wrapped up,, why all the delegate fraud lately? stuffing ballot boxes? the media not telling that those 900+ delegates are actually people and no one knows how many doesn’t like the guy…AND THE OLDER ROMNEY DELEGATES must have been told to be rowdy because 2 that I know of have hit Ron Paul supporters..I guess I wouldn’t hit an old man back if he hit me so bravo to the Paul supporter who got hit and didn’t hit back…although if that old man wasnt old, Ida beat the tar outa his ass…………..
  • Brandon Farris · Top Commenter · North Greene High School

    Massie’s win today is to my knowledge, a record breaker. That area’s primary winners usually win by small margins in large fields of contenders. He pulled an ~40% win, in a field of 7 contenders if I recall correctly. Without being an incumbent.  Barring an act of God, he will be in congress for that district, which is heavily red. That seat is safe for him as long as he wants it. Once a district gets a taste of the Paul crowd, they see they aren’t so bad and the campaign rhetoric is just that. Then they love them for being a straight shooter. I followed the race there with some interest and I can say, the attacks from other candidates toward Massie were vicious, that was not an uncontested run.  It isn’t exaggerating to say that he whipped the fire out of them in that primary. I’m glad that man’s going to Washington.
    Here’s crossing fingers Karen K upsets Bob Goodlatte in a similar fashion. Show people what a politician is supposed to be. A statesman.
  • Laurie Seekins-Shuck · Top Commenter

    I will NEVER vote for Mitt Romney! Mitt Romney supports the Project for the New American Century and the Foreign Policy Initiative the think-tank which promotes: diplomatic, economic, and military engagement IN THE WORLD. Romney even named his foreign policy plan a new American Century. Iraq was all lies, so is Iran. The media has a war to sell you are you buying it? I am voting for Ron Paul! End the wars! Video of Romney & PNAC:
  • John Brewer · Top Commenter · Works at Ron Paul presidential campaign, 2012

    I like the subtle slings and arrows of elite bias folded into this piece. Pick up your pay check you have served your special interests well.
  • Karen Kwiatkowski · Subscribe· 935 subscribers

    Ideas are bulletproof!  (V and me too!)

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul supporters set sights lower on the ballot? Not Quite!

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