“Feds Using Extortion”

Another prime example of what we report on all the time.  The creeping world governing councilliatory incrementalism.  A Google search for “feds using extortion” leads us to this article from OA Online.

Gov. Rick Perry, Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison and others are enduring criticism to their opposition to the $26.1 billion federal education funding package passed Aug. 10 that probably will leave Texas out of the mix. This state could receive up to $830 million, but requires Perry to make promises he can’t legally make.

The legislation contains a provision that makes Texas’ allocation contingent on the governor’s promise that the state maintain certain education and Medicaid funding levels through 2013. The provision is specific to Texas. It was added because Perry in March declined $3.25 billion in federal stimulus funding because the money had similar strings attached.

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