Remember Vanilla Ice? What Ever Became Of Him?

Hearing this might make you wonder why you were wondering that in the first place.  These guys have their heads screwed on so straight, it’ll make your head spin!

Acme Cover Ups“.  From the album “The Empire” by “Apparatus“.

the government is defunct, like products from acme
its designed to be unable to act practically
woven like a tapestry out of fallacy strategy
to lead you gradually into a state of apathy.

half of its theater, the rest is pagentry.
and behind all that, when you get to reality.
its like archie bunker that shits all in the family
except they fuck each other, like hillbilly daddies
cousins, and anties uncles and grannys
apparatus will embarras you, pull down your panties

I dont like braggin about my salary
the truth will be allusive like what happened in galillee
apparatus took up rapping just to burn off the calories
but now i use it as a knife to cut through the allergies
call in the cavalry to burn down sweat shop factories
cause machines can’t use humans as fucking batteries
mad at me, cause i’m not what you happen to be
fuck it, i’m moving on like sundays after saturdays

slappin emcees that can’t value any truth
bringin the proof from the four cornered vocal booth

i see lies on the news everyday
cover ups like the murder of jfk
i hate the government and it’ll stay that way
until they pay for the way they behave

so fuck george bush, and fuck obama.
they’re 2 sides of the same nickle.
2 lumps on this dill pickle.
2 pieces of the pie, 2 words in the riddle.
they’re told what to do, they’re both stuck in the middle

fuck it, let me keep it real simple

check it out.

pop like a pimple and disregard my ego
lookin at these politicians knowin that they evil
they make all the problems yet they claim to be the hero
but they will never make it like shaq shootin a free throw


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