‘Turks see US plot behind Syria unrest’



A report says people in southern Turkey are getting increasingly agitated over their country’s involvement in Syria, saying Ankara is merely a pawn in US plots to foment unrest in the region.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, in Turkey many blame the government for dragging the country into the conflict in Syria.

Anti-US sentiment is also simmering in the city of Antakya, which lies just across the border with Syria.

“What’s happening in Syria is all part of America’s great project to reshape the borders of the Middle East. America and its allies don’t care about bringing democracy to the Syrian people. Look at what happened to Iraq!” said local tradesman Ahmet Sari.

Grappling with an ailing economy, Turkey’s southern province of Hatay has witnessed an influx of refugees and insurgents in recent months.

Turks say they are bearing the brunt of the recent diplomatic row between Ankara and…

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