Farrakhan; “America… in steady decline”

October 21, 2012

Controversial as ever, Louis Farrakhan praised failed presidential candidate Ron Paul Sunday for wanting to close U.S. military bases overseas and slash financial aid to Israel — and blasted the frontrunners for failing to take stronger positions to curb the national debt.

The 79-year-old leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam gave a fiery three-hour talk to the congregation of his South Side mosque. His lecture — billed as “Guidance for our president and our nation” — weaved his musings on the Nov. 6 election with inflammatory views on Jews, gays and white supremacy.

Farrakhan said Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s talk of U.S. “exceptionalism” — the notion that America is different than other countries because its mission is to spread liberty and democracy — shows he’s out of touch, because “America is in steady decline.”

Romney and Obama have failed to propose bold steps to reduce the nation’s staggering debt, Farrakhan added.

“If Obama and Romney — and Congress — don’t want to deal effectively with the debt, they will keep kicking the can down the road. These children won’t have a future, because debt is another form of slavery,” he said.

To highlight the point, he sang “America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee)” but substituted the words “sweet land of liberty” with “sweet land of slavery.”

Farrakhan said Obama “wants to be his own man” but that Obama and Romney are controlled by “monied interests.”

“We have liars for leaders,” he said.

Paul, a Republican congressman from Texas, seemed more willing to take bold steps to tackle some of the biggest sources of America’s debt, including Social Security and Medicare, Farrakhan said.

Farrakhan said he supports Paul’s position that the U.S. should stop underwriting Israel’s national security and should close overseas military bases. He and Paul also are critical of the Federal Reserve’s measures to bolster the economy, which they say are inflationary.

Farrakhan, meanwhile, praised former President Bill Clinton for raising taxes on the rich, which he said helped produce a budget surplus by the time Clinton left office.

Although he criticized Obama, he gave the president kudos for recognizing that he needs to raise revenue while he cuts spending.

Farrakhan acknowledged that many of the things he said from the pulpit Sunday will be perceived as anti-Semitic, anti-gay and racist. For instance, he repeated his long-standing view that Jews control Hollywood, banking and the media, which he said was “not in the best interest of the future of this country.”

Farrakhan referred to homosexuality as “the death of the human family” and blasted the notion of gay marriage. He also warned that America appears headed for another war.

Farrakhan, who dined last month with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York during the United Nations General Assembly, said: “Maybe our time as a nation is up and something new, something better is coming. … America is the modern Rome, Iran is the modern Persia. We’re heading toward a war. The entire Middle East is getting ready to explode.”


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