Uh, what happened to write-in Candidates?

“…Why not , Buck the media’ and write-in Ron Paul. I am sure the Romney-owned voting machines would have fun with that…”


“This particular stat has always put neocon panties into Gordian-knot-mode. In 2007-8, they tried to deny it. Now, they’ve come to the (correct) conclusion that a STFU strategy serves them best. But it’s funny to see their cognitive dissonance on display when confronted with these inconvenient facts.”




Ron Paul. He’s either running the Campaign for Liberty or hatching a plan to kidnap Ben Bernanke’s dog, but he’s certainly no longer running for president.

Yet according to the latest FEC reports, Paul is still outpacing Mitt Romney when it comes to donations from members of the military, even though he hasn’t received new contributions since the Summer. Including September’s fundraising numbers, Paul has raised $399,274 from members of the armed forces, while Romney has taken in $398,450.

The gap grows even starker when employees of the Department of Defense are excluded, leaving only members of the combat services. Paul roughly doubled Romney’s contributions from the U.S. Navy. This despite Romney’s promise to equip the Navy with dozens of new warships, while eliminating at least one of Iran’s shorelines from the map.

Nevertheless, the overall leader in military donations remains Barack Obama, with $678,611 from military contributors. It’s a sign of how deep the rot has set into American society since Obama took office. It used to be only Democrats who didn’t support the troops. Now we can’t even be sure the troops are supporting the troops.


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