State Department Running Guns Through Turkey To Support Syrian Rebel Fighters


This is the best thing Hillary Clinton could ever do to save any future career she has if she plans on doing anything else.


In what is rapidly becoming the biggest cover-up in US history, reports have surfaced that former President Clinton as well as her legal team have advised Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to resign over the recent Benghazi attacks.

The reports indicate that the US was running guns through Turkey to support the Syrian rebels- which coincidentally happen to be Al-Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Clinton has retained personal legal counsel over potential CRIMINAL CHARGES.

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, came forward to “take responsibility overall” for the attacks at Benghazi, but per Ed Klein we now know behind the scenes Bill Clinton advised his wife to resign over the possible criminal fallout of the Benghazi massacre. Today we learn from sources that not only did Hillary ask for added security, and was denied, but her closest advisers strongly suggested she seek legal counsel just days after the attack. Why? Why did “they” deny Hillary’s requests for added security to Benghazi, and why is this a situation in which a Secretary of State would need personal legal counsel? Could the Benghazi fallout, go beyond what a Public Relations firm can handle?…

To fully understand what happened in Benghazi, we need to step back. Ambassador Stevens was located in a CIA safehouse (otherwise known as the building burned down during attack)–that location is where on the night of the attack he dined with the Turkish General Counsel. Why? Why was Stevens meeting with this Turkish official? Apparently, in reports the US was gun running weapons through Turkey to aid the Syrian Rebels, but the real kicker here is that we handed over 400 tons in one shipment, to Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood, who are the leaders of these so called “Syrian Rebels”. We can speculate what the Turkish General Counsel talked with Ambassador Stevens about that night.

  • I’ll wait before accepting this source as the absolute truth.

    Unless Hillary was aware of the situation. Why would weapons need to be run by way of Turkey?

    Hillary Clinton Resigning

    Reagan/Bush supported the Taliban and Al qaeda so what’s the big deal?

    Is the CIA a part of this controversy? If not then this is a cover up for the CIA. CIA = big time trouble makers!

    Hillary resigning would be seen as an admission of guilt by the admin and moreover would create the appearance that the blame lies squarely with her. I highly doubt she will resign until after the election, at which point she can just say 4 years was enough and she wants to spend time with the family or whatever. Sec States rarely serve the entire 8 years even when their admin gets a second term.

    Who is involved in oil and weapons?

    The Bushes and the military-industrial complex: George H. Walker and Samuel Prescott Bush were the dynasty’s founding fathers during the years of and after World War I. Walker, a St. Louis financier, made his mark in corporate reorganizations and war contracts. By 1919, he was enlisted by railroad heir W. Averell Harriman to be president of Wall Street-based WA Harriman, which invested in oil, shipping, aviation and manganese, partly in Russia and Germany, during the 1920s. Sam Bush, the current president’s other great-grandfather, ran an Ohio company, Buckeye Steel Castings, that produced armaments. In 1917, he went to Washington to head the small arms, ammunition and ordnance section of the federal War Industries Board. Both men were present at the emergence of what became the U.S. military-industrial complex.

    Prescott Bush, the Connecticut senator and grandfather of the current president, had some German corporate ties at the outbreak of World War II, but the better yardstick of his connections was his directorships of companies involved in U.S. war production. Dresser Industries, for example, produced the incendiary bombs dropped on Tokyo and made gaseous diffusion pumps for the atomic bomb project. George H.W. Bush later worked for Dresser’s oil-services businesses. Then, as CIA director, vice president and president, one of his priorities was the U.S. weapons trade and secret arms deals with Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the moujahedeen in Afghanistan.

    In his 1961 farewell address, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about how “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.” That complex’s recent mega-leap to power came under George H.W. Bush and even more under George W. Bush — with the post-9/11 expansion of the military and creation of the Department of Homeland Security. But armaments and arms deals seem to have been in the Bushes’ blood for nearly a century.

    Oil: The Bushes’ ties to John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil go back 100 years, when Rockefeller made Buckeye Steel Castings wildly successful by convincing railroads that carried their oil to buy heavy equipment from Buckeye. George H. Walker helped refurbish the Soviet oil industry in the 1920s, and Prescott Bush acquired experience in the international oil business as a 22-year director of Dresser Industries. George H.W. Bush, in turn, worked for Dresser and ran his own offshore oil-drilling business, Zapata Offshore. George W. Bush mostly raised money from investors for oil businesses that failed. Currently, the family’s oil focus is principally in the Middle East.

    Enron is another family connection. The company’s Kenneth L. Lay made his first connections with George H.W. Bush in the early 1980s when the latter was working on energy deregulation. When Bush became president in 1989, he gave Lay two prominent international roles: membership on the President’s Export Council and the task of planning for a G-7 summit in Houston. Lay parlayed that exposure into new business overseas and clout with Washington agencies. Family favoritism soon followed. When Bush senior lost the 1992 election, Lay picked up with son George W., first in Texas and then as a top contributor to Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign. Before Enron imploded in late 2001, it had more influence in a new administration than any other corporation in memory.

    The intelligence community: Bushes and Walkers have been involved with the intelligence community since World War I. The importance of Sam Bush’s wartime munitions-regulating role was obvious. During the 1920s, when George H. Walker was doing a lot of business in Russia and Germany, he became a director of the American International Corporation, formed during the war for purposes of overseas investment and intelligence-gathering. Prescott Bush’s pre-1941 corporate and banking contacts with Germany, sensationalized on many Internet sites, appear to have been passed along to officials in government and intelligence circles.

    George H.W. Bush may have had CIA connections before the agency’s unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961. A number of published sources suggest that Zapata Offshore was a CIA front long before he went on to become director of Central Intelligence in 1976. As for George W. Bush, his limited ties are said to have come through investments in, and buyouts of, several of his oil businesses by CIA- and BCCI-connected firms and individuals.


    We Arm the World

    The United States once again leads the world in exporting weapons.

    BY Frida Berrigan

    A $7 billion missile-defense system for the United Arab Emirates. An estimated $15 billion potential sale of Lockheed Martin’s brand-new fighter plane to Israel. Billions of dollars in weaponry for Taiwan and Turkey. These and other recent deals helped make the United States the world’s leading arms-exporting nation.

    In 2007, U.S. foreign military sales agreements totaled more than $32 billion – nearly triple the amount during President Bush’s first full year in office.

    The Pentagon routinely justifies weapons sales as “promoting regional stability,” but many of these arms end up in the world’s war zones. In 2006 and 2007, the five biggest recipients of U.S. weapons were Pakistan ($3.5 billion), Iraq ($2.2 billion), Israel ($2.2 billion), Afghanistan ($1.9 billion) and Colombia ($580 million) – all countries where conflict rages.

    In Pakistan, the fighting ranges from communal violence and state repression, to attacks against India, to deadly battles between Pakistani military and al Qaeda forces in the northwest provinces. Israel has used U.S.-supplied weapons in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon. Colombia uses U.S. weaponry to fight the drug war. Of the 27 major conflicts during 2006 and 2007, 19 of them involved U.S-supplied weapons.

    While full data is not yet available for 2008, the United States continues to flood warzones with more destabilizing weapons. In 2008, the Pentagon brokered more than $12.5 billion in possible foreign military sales to Iraq, including guns, ammunition, tanks and attack helicopters.

    Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi analyst with American Friends Service Committee, notes the chance that this weaponry will promote peace and democracy in Iraq is slim.

    “The current Iraqi armed forces are the same forces and militias that have been committing ethnic and sectarian cleansing during the last years and they have a violent record full of human rights violations, torture and assassinations,” says Jarrar.

    What’s more, the United States cannot successfully track its weapons. Hundreds of thousands of U.S.-supplied pistols and automatic weapons destined for Iraqi security forces between 2004 and 2005 remain lost, according to the Government Accountability Office.

    The Pentagon has “no idea where they are,” Rachel Stohl, a senior analyst at the Center for Defense Information, a national-security think tank, told the Washington Post in 2007. “It likely means that the United States is unintentionally providing weapons to bad actors.”

    U.S. law curbs weapons sales to countries engaged in a “gross and consistent” pattern of human rights abuses or to countries using U.S. weapons for aggressive purposes. But these requirements are often set aside in favor of short-term objectives.

    Michael Klare, director of the Amherst, Mass.-based Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies, has followed the arms trade for decades. He discounts official claims that the delivery of arms can help promote stability.

    “The more we help one side, the more that regime’s opponents are driven to seek arms from another supplier, leading to an inevitable spiral of arms buying, provocation and conflict,” Klare says.

    According to Stohl, “The Bush administration has demonstrated a willingness to provide weapons and military training to weak and failing states and countries that have been repeatedly criticized by the U.S. State Department for human rights violations, lack of democracy and even support of terrorism.

    It makes perfect sense for a Neoconservative rag to know about the discussion that a married couple would have in private and for an independent or libertarian to read about it on a Neoconservative blog.

    $20,000,000 voter fraud that you will never hear about on Fox News.

    Secrets of Talk Radio – If you don’t already know this…

    Hillary resigning would be seen as an admission of guilt by the admin and moreover would create the appearance that the blame lies squarely with her. I highly doubt she will resign until after the election, at which point she can just say 4 years was enough and she wants to spend time with the family or whatever.

    If its accurate, her keeping quiet protects the party and saves an election possibility for a dem, while sacrificing herself. Divulging any info she has saves her hide, burns the dem party and trashes any chance the dem party will ever trust or back her for a bid. Shes done either way.

    guns don’t kill people. Zombies kill people

    Well, let’s see: the author of this hit piece (Rebecca Diserio) says her source is Ed Klein : a Daily Caller contributor.

    The Daily Caller (David Martosko) is notable for really bad fiction-disguised as fact.

    The story-as might be expected-is almost total bullshit. (There were a couple of truths: Hillary is Secretary of State, and Bill Clinton is still married to her-as far as anyone knows.)

    Why submit a BS story ? The hope is – if you keep throwing BS– some of it will stick in the public mind – and the “less gifted” will say : “Aha ! Where there’s smoke, there must be fire !”–even when the only smoke was what was blown into their eyes by the well-paid purveyors.

    Smart posters like Bosco, will recognize it as BS almost effortlessly.Others-like Merrill, will go off on defensive tangents that leave them tangled in their own jumble of words.

    That’s a concept that seems to keep David Martosko,Frank Luntz -the PR genius who elevated this sort of thing to an art form,Joel Gilbert, Jerome Corsi,Michael Savage… The list goes on. As mentioned, it is well-paid enough to provide very comfortable incomes for the dis-information specialists.




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