ICP Files Suit Against FBI


August 13, 2012 in Uncategorized


This past week a rather large announcement was released that the rap music group Insane Clown Posse and their own independent record label; Psychopathic Records, will take legal action against the defenders of American Freedom: the Federal Bereau of Investigations.

Now whether you are a fan of the ICP; aka the World’s Most Hated Band, or otherwise, you may find a new repsect for the action these independent artists are taking on behalf of their fans and ultimatley the American people.  Due to their cult following, dubbed the “Juggalo Family” that ICP have built; they have recently been added to the FBI’s official list of dangerous national Gangs.  Right alongside MS 13, Hell’s Angels, Aryan Brotherhood, Bloods, Crips, and the rest; you will find Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalo fanbase!

One perspective to consider is that the ICP were originally a street gang in Detroit that turned to music as their new hustle and method for blowing of steam.  That era ended in 1992 when the Inner City Posse as they were known, laid down the street life to pursue the American dream.  With an added twist to their style and an alternative alias; Insane Clown Posse released their first album; Carnival of Carnage.  Since that time, the ICP have become one of the biggest global acts in show businesss history.  Holding more than a couple platinum albums, several gold, multiple movies, and comic books, the Clowns have had the last laugh as of recent.  Also hosting and competing in the group’s own wrestling federation JCW, ICP also hosts an annual festival where national and underground acts from around the globe, as well as Juggalo fans world-wide have celebrated together for 13 consecutive years.

Even though the ICP were once self-proclaimed street thugs, should their fanbase be treated as terrorists or criminals?  Some would say “yes! to hell with ICP, I dont like their music at all and their fans annoy me!”.  ICP fans, or Juggalos, may sing another song, ” We are a non-violent fanbase, each indiviual acting on behalf of his or her own free will.  We should not be held responsible for the actions of others based on our choice of music or because of a t-shirt or sticker depicting a paticular band.”

Again, in fairness it must be noted that there certainly are documented cases of gang activity, violent crimes, and even horrendous murders by people claiming loyalty to the Juggalo sub-culture.  So maybe people that wear ICP or Batman t-shirts should all be treated like violent killers just incase!

As usual, its a case of where to draw the line.  Soon Infowarriors may be targeted as a terrorist group simply because people want to challenge the morals of the powers that be.  Are you someone that prepares for emergency situations by storing food, and stock piling a little amo? Well if you visit the wrong website or wear an unfavorable t-shirt, your well on your way to being targeted by law enforcement at a federal level.  Oh and dont forget bumper stickers!  Those make you an easy target to!

For now, we will have to wait to see the outcome of this drama, but in the mean time, lets ask ourselves, how far are they willing to go?  How much are we willing to take? And ultimatley what have we done wrong.  If you’ve ever watched a horror movie, listened to controversial music, or even visited an alternative news website, you very well may be the FBI’s next target.  In a country where we send, well..Armies of ammunition to spill blood across the land and conquer the world.. We better watch out for those clowns!

To learn more about the ICP’s legal efforts, you can visit http://www.juggalosfightback.com.


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