Unnamed Sheriff On Man-Hunt For Robbie Parker

There appears to be a slight twist,if you will, to the seemingly horrific events that  happened in Newtown, Connecticut last week.  Rumors are flooding the internet about one father of a victim in the mass shooting.  Robbie Parker, the man in the video below, is having some very surprising emotional reactions to just having lost a daughter.  This is causing a viral conspiracy theory to flourish, even to the point that an unlikely band of anonymous philanthropists have pooled funds and are going on a national billboard campaign announcing an open bounty on Robbie Parker.  Fliers with an image of the face of “Robbie Parker” are also circulating gay bars in several metropolitan areas all around the world.

Tweets from patrons of well-known establishments which cater to the needs of thirsty gays in Singapore, Auckland, Queensland, Amsterdam, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Hartford, Connecticut show the fliers and are causing quite a stir in the tin-foil hat wearing community.  Traffic jams on interstate roads are being blamed on the billboards, where many commuters are pulling over to take the advice of the message, which reads “See for yourself, ‘Google’ Robbie Parker Exposed”, and whipping out their smartphones to do just that.  What they end up viewing is that pre-air footage of “Robbie Parker Exposed”.

The billboards and the fliers alike are signed “–The Sheriff”.  This could bring about the speculation that a duly elected official has formed his posse as administered by law and is invoking NDAA, or the National Defense Authorization Act on Robbie Parker.  As a nation of laws, whose citizenry is obliged to abide by those laws, and is governed by the people, for the people, and of the people, it seems that in the interest of National Security, the warrantless arrest, and indefinite detention and interrogation of “Robbie Parker” with no due process appears to be completely legal.

Take A Good Look:


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