I am a skip tracer so my job is to find people.



So what was so funny before his speech? Weird


Skip Trace

Let me say first that I am a skip tracer so my job is to find people. I had my suspicions after seeing the lie about how many shooters. There were kids that saw a guy inisde the school with camo pants lying on the floor with handcuffs, plus the guy in the woods they got….so that equals 2 where I come from. Next the medical examiner, just goto to youtube and watch, nuff said. Now with this Robbie Parker, will guess what? He does not exist in any Fairfield documents, NOTHING. No birth for Emilie, He owns no property, Never been to court, No phone number, No address, Never been married, No linkedin, No facebook etc etc. Resources: Property Appraiser Database Engine for Ct., Arrest Records, Court Records, Intellius, Pipl, SpySpace, White Pages, Google. Somebody besides me confirm this. Because if you can this will cause a Holy explosion.

Hank Black

Yikes!!! If you are not a liar, then someone else is really bad.

Being anonymous doesn’t help.



Ufortunatly it would not be “safe” for me to expose private information about Robbie Parker…but I can assure you he exists, and I know this because he is an employee where a close freind of mine works…It would be impossible to create such an elaborate consipiracy as this, especially when I can drive to the sandy hook school and see it still all unfolding, as this is my hometown…also, there were countless interviews with locals, many of whom I know personally. I dont understand why people waste so much time on ridiculous speculation ..especially when they have never experienced this type of loss…there are many stages one goes through in a grief situation like this, and at the point this interview was done, he was clearly still in shock.


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