Numerous Ways To Get Free BitCoins

Get bitcoin at Bitcoin Plus

Regular payout (free)

Name Description
Bunny Run Select winning Bunny and get BTC as reward. Rarely has enough funds.
BitCrate Get random prize every day. RARELY has enough BTC in the pool.
CoinAd 0.0003 BTC guaranteed. Refresh page (MANY times) to get 0.001 or even 0.002 BTC.
Bitcoin Addict 0.00015 BTC guaranteed and a small chance to get 0.01 BTC (jackpot).
Daily Bitcoins 0.0001 BTC guaranteed. Bigger prizes are also available. They pay out every hour!
Netlookup Free Bitcoins 0.00002 BTC (approx.) solve a captia for btc

cointube watch a short vid for btc

coinurl Turn any content you create into cash

coinvisitor visit unique websites for btc

bitcoin4you free btc for solving captchas

Free Bit Coins


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