“…so many questions about Sandy Hook, still no answers.”

  1. Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting

    by BCCMightySanta•1 month ago•341,363 views

    This appears to be a fake interview. Just wanted to point out all the strange things people are noticing.

  2. father ROBBIE PARKER of emilie parker speaks out FULL LENGTH

    by bobo reed•1 month ago•454,343 views

    everyone send out your prayers and thoughts to robert parker for his tragic loss of his beautiful daughter emilie http://www.youtube

  3. Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag Exposed

    by Narsimhadev020•1 month ago•4,014 views

    Students of history are aware that the first thing that Hitler did once in power was take away the guns..Bad actors used to

  4. Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES – Robbie Parker Fake Actor

    by shannon lemonds•1 month ago•24,717 views

    ourcorruptgov.blogspot.com Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES – Robbie Parker Fake Actor Sandy Hook Shooting HOAX and LIES


    by MrCyberWarrior02•1 month ago•3,002 views

    Was Robbie acting? http://www.youtube.com Check vid responses as well. source: http://www.youtube.com

  6. Emile Parker in Sandy Hook Photo Opp? Robbie Parker Father, Music “Sandy This isn’t Evil”

    by girlonlaptop•1 month ago•2,615 views

    Sandy Hook Actors Playlist http://www.youtube.com Current Video: Infamous father Robbie Parker’s family seen in photos after supposed

    • HD
  7. Robbie Parker talks about Emilie Parker

    by malouescasa•1 month ago•12,732 views

    Robbie Parker, father of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim, Emilie Alice Parker, talks about his daughter . . .

  8. Sandy Hook Fraud: Robbie Parker (Actor!)

    by TheDigitalThreat•1 month ago•11,503 views

    WAKE UP WORLD http://www.xeroflux.net Fair Use Notice: Any copyrighted material used on this profile/account is used for non-profit

  9. father robbie parker laughing before his speech

    by bobo reed•1 month ago•34,678 views

    alot of people have posted on my video that the father is a fake because he laughs decide for yourselves

  10. Father of slain 6-year-old speaks out

    by CBSNewsOnline•1 month ago•11,338 views

    Robbie Parker, the father of six-year-old Emilie – one of the first graders slain in the Connecticut elementary school massacre

    • HD
  11. Robbie Parker, Father Of Connecticut Shooting Victim Emilie Parker Speaks To Reporters

    by 123ActionTV1•1 month ago•5,634 views

    Father Of 6-Year-Old Connecticut Shooting Victim Emilie Parker Speaks In a press conference Saturday night, Robbie Parker, the

  12. Thumbnail

    Robbie Parker

    by Robbie Parker•40 videos

    Idiots Guide to Sandy Hook Hoax



  13. LiveLeak com Sandy Hook Victims Father Robbie Parker a Fraud

    by Thomas Shaughnessy•1 month ago•554 views

    Watch Robbie Parker do a flip from smiling to tear-jerker like he’s a bad actor in a Hollywood movie.

  14. Sandy Hook Dad Robbie Parker Smiles At Press Conference One Day After His Daughter Is Killed!

    by Ken Spiracy•1 month ago•1,816 views

    Why would this guy be smiling one day after his daughters’ death? Is this a hoax, are we being mind f_cked? FAIR USE NOTICE

  15. Robbie Parker on “free agency”

    by ReKnewOrg•1 month ago•4,301 views

    In the wake of his daughter’s death at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, Robbie Parker shares his thoughts on “free agency

  16. Robbie Parker, father of 6-year-old Emilie Parker, speaks

    by 99being99•1 month ago•37,630 views

    In an amazing act of grace, the father of a child killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School offers his love to all the families

    • HD
  17. USA Gun take down Robbie Parker Fake or Real actor you decide

    by UKBLIVE•1 month ago•1,503 views

    How can a Man Laugh at any point if his daughter has just been murdered UNLESS he is an actor playing up for the cameras

    • HD

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