Obama Vows To Annihilate Pot Prohibition

obama skeet shooting obama gun control obama shotgun sad hill news2-2

Full Story: HERE

Update: Reluxcat asked me to participate in the Photoshop® contest Maser Media is holding, so the above image is my 2nd entry: HERE

Sad Hill’s 1st entry: HERE

HEY! Be sure to check out The Andrea Shea King Show. She just linked to both of Sad Hill’s Obama ‘skeet shooting’ images: HERE

Double HEY! The Other McCain just linked to this on SHN. Thanks Robert!: HERE

Triple HEY! I Own The World just linked to this on SHN: HERE

Quadruple HEY!: Doug Ross also linked!: HERE

What comes after ‘Quadruple’? HEY!: Thanks for linking, Atlas Shrugs, Daily Paul, The Fine Report, I’m 41, Protein Wisdom, Maser Media, Conservative Compendium, The Conservative Treehouse, Swag Bucks, …


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