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Affiliate Program

Want to earn a 10% commission on Mega Upgrade Vouchers? Bitvoucher uses the superior payment technology of Bitcoin to implement a No Signup Necessary affiliate program.

All you need to do is insert a valid Bitcoin Address for payment into the affiliate link URL and you will receive a 10% commission on any signups referred to Bitvoucher via that link.

An example link would look like:

Simply replace the Bitcoin address above in red with your own Bitcoin Address. Make sure to end the URL with a slash ( / ) — otherwise we will not be able to track your commissions.

Affiliate payments are 10% of Bitcoins paid. Commission is paid in Bitcoin to the Bitcoin address in the URL you use to promote Bitvoucher.

Affiliate cookie last for one year from last affiliate referral.

Commission payments are paid on a per order basis; once the bitcoin payment is confirmed, your affiliate payment will generally be made within one business day. All affiliate payments are processed manually for security reasons, so unforeseen circumstances can cause slight delays.

Violation of Restrictions

In our sole discretion, if an affiliate is found to be in violation of any restrictions below, any unpaid affiliate commissions will be forfeited by the affiliate.


    • 1.) Make representations about Mega or the Product that are untrue, misleading or deceptive.
    • 2.) Provide any guarantees or assurances in respect of the Product.
    • 3.) Spam potential customers or engage in unsolicited bulk email, SMS or telephone marketing relating to or with specific reference to Mega.
    • 4.) Engage in misleading marketing, including online.
    • 5.) Acquire any domain names or trade marks that are substantially identical with or deceptively similar to any of Mega’s trade marks or the name BitVoucher.
    • 6.) Bid on any keywords for online advertising (e.g., as part of the Google AdWordsprogram) that are substantially identical with or deceptively similar to any of Mega’s trademarks.
    • 7.) Use any metatags on any website that are substantially identical with or deceptively similar to any of Mega’s trademarks.
  • 8.) Mislead others as to the relationship between Mega.

About Bitvoucher

Bitvoucher was created so that users of Mega could use Bitcoins to purchase quick and secure upgrades without revealing their identity to anyone other than Mega.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions if you need more assistance.

Ordering Issues

Please use our online chat service to communicate with us (bottom right of page). If we are offline, please send us a message, including your BVID in blue (top left of page), and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About Mega

The Privacy Company is a secure online storage system using advanced encryption to protect your privacy. If you have technical questions about Mega, please contact Mega support by email at

Visit Mega

What is zipbit?

zipbit is our selected Bitcoin merchant processing company. They are fast, secure and reliable.

Visit zipbit



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