Legal Answers: Can I give up my social security number?

Can I give up my social security number?

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Yes, you can give up Yu ss#. Legally they cannot stop you from doing so.It is however illegal to give or sell your Social Security number. Not because you have a Social Security number it means it belongs to you, a Social Security number is property of the government of the United States of America.

If you need to change it for a very special reason you need to go to government agencies to do that.

You can give it up if you became a citizen of another country.

“The number is issued to an individual by the Social Security Administration, an independent agency of the United States government.”

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it seems to me that the person who posted this answer above has no clue to what’s really going on, i suggest you look for more information. the sooner you can give up your social number the sooner a bank or the government literally doesn’t own you as they’re property anymore. fight the evil. you tube U.C.C., the man who speaks on this (Jordan Maxwell) works for the agenda but is telling you what he knows becasue he is on the inside working for them, pretending he’s fighting against them. them? you know, Jesuit, Hitler reborn Nazi’s. the Nazi’s never died they just came and infiltrated our government. look it up . seek and ye shall find. Our country has been invaded and taken over by these sleazy evil folks. we have been invaded and conquered. fuck them ! they will soon be unmasked and pay the high price of treason. death.



I would suggest anyone interested in this issue to investigate the material provided on and in particular, the following page:

Please familiarize yourself with the material there before you go off half cocked and get whacked by the IRS.

Another good source of information on this subject is


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