“Scrub” the walls of the intestines and colon

MICRO PLANT POWDER consists of fresh water single cell microscopic plants found in fresh water beds west of the Mississippi under the zeolite beds. These one celled plants form a hard casing around themselves and over many years drop to the bottom of the fresh water beds and accumulate into a compound solid form that consists of 89% (Silica) with trace amounts Na2O, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO and K2O.

MICRO PLANT POWDER has a very strong negative charge and is a microscopically hard substance. On the hardness scale where diamonds are a 9, MICRO PLANT POWDER is a 7. This is very important, because as those millions of microscopic negatively charged cylinders pass through the small and large intestines, they “scrub” the walls of the intestines and colon.

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